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Mashhad is a city located in the northeast of Iran, the center and capital of Razavi Khorasan Province and the second largest populated city after Tehran. Mashhad was chosen as Iran's Capital during the reign of Nader Shah Afshar. The city features a temperate and variable climate.

Spectacular places in mashhad.

1- Holy Shrine of Imam Reza

The mausoleum of Ali ibn Musa Al Reza is situated in Mashhad. The complex is a city in itself and visitors are frisked by security at all gates.. Apart from its religious significance, the complex is an architectural masterpiece decorated with intricate tiles, calligraphy, beautiful courtyards and porches. The complex also houses a museum, library and the very beautiful Masjid-e-Gohar Shaad of the Timurid period. Photography is not permitted within the complex.


2- Ferdowsi’s Tomb

The tomb of Ferdowsi is in Tus. The Tus area was built during the mythological period by an Iranian hero named Tus, and the great epic poet of Iran was also buried in the same area. The tomb was inaugurated during the Ferdowsi’s Millennium celebrations in 1934. Ferdowsi's tomb was designed by Houshang Seyhoun in 1969 and sculptures depicting some of Shahnameh’s stories were sculptured on its walls by the best stonemasons. This tomb was built and designed after the tomb of Cyrus.


3- Kooh Sangi

Kooh sangi is one of the oldest and most memorable sights of Mashhad that it is so called due to two rocky mountain overlooking the city. This place is ranked as the third most visited place by tourists after Imam Reza holy shrine and Ferdowsi’s tomb. The creation of an artificial lake and an island for birds has attracted a large number of tourists. This park has been recently developed and expanded. It is the largest recreation center in Mashhad after Mellat Park.


4- Vakil Abad Forest Park

This large naturally formed forest is the oldest in the city. It has an area of over 70 hectares and belonged to Hajj Hossain Malek (Vakil-Al-Roayah) who donated this land to the city in 1968. Some of the most beautiful features of this park are its tall plane and pine trees and a river that passes through it. Today, by creating paths and beautiful landscaping in this forest, it has become an integral part of the identity of the city and many people visit it for picnicking, strolling, and simply enjoying the natural scenery. Artists also like to paint the scenery and in the winter, families, especial children come to this forest to playing in the snow. As a result there are plans to expand the forest and create more facilities.


5- Mellat Grand Park

This park was established in 1967 on Vakilabad Blvd. on over 72 hectares of land. It is one of the main and largest recreation centers of Mashhad. The park has various facilities such as playgrounds for football, volleyball, skating, pools, jogging, aerobic, and playgrounds. One the major features of the park is the amusement park with new facilities. In addition, the existence of Imam Reza (pbuh) Cultural-Art Complex in this park adds to its cultural value. Interestingly, the park attracts many people of all ages from sunrise and well into the night. About 4 hectares of Mellat park has been designated for its amusement park.

This park has a variety of facilities for the entertainment of all ages. Roller coasters, the largest gyro swing in Iran, a train, and a new ferris wheel that is the third largest after its London and Italian counter parts with a height of 80 meters, 260 tons and 56 cabins with the capacity of 448 passengers. The Haram can be seen from this ferris wheel.


6- Torghabeh

Torghabeh countryside covers 1600 km2 of land. This area has a long history alongside of Mashhad and Toos Plain. Because of its natural beauty, it has always been considered a lovely promenade for nature-lovers. It has a cool dry climate, even in the summer and since it has a high altitude, it has more rain than Mashhad. Its features are very similar to Shandeez in that it is famous for its mild climate, traditional garden style restaurants, kababs, natural beauty, summer fruit, and local handicraft and souvenir shops. Although it has fared much better than Shandeez during the long regional drought that this area has been recently plagued with.


7- Shandiz

The city of Shandiz is located in the northern slopes of the Binalood heights. The city features a temperate climate, vast gardens and spectacular natural landscapes and is considered as one of the major tourist attractions of Mashhad. Many tourists and pilgrims visiting Mashhad hardly ever leave without visiting this area at least once. The mild climate, wonderful traditional garden restaurants, and handicraft and food shops are a major appeal for people, not to mention the many creeks and valleys that help make the region beautiful and attractive to nature-lovers.

Shandiz symbol is a 2700-year-old plantain tree. Cherry is the main orchard product of this city. The famous food of Shandiz is 6-pieces grilled lamb called Shishlik which is very delicious. The recreation centers of this resort are as follows: Forest Park, Golestan tourist complex, Padideh Shandiz restaurant complex, Abardeh ski resort, motorcycle resort, gardens and beautiful landscapes.


8- Haft Hoze Natural Park

Haft hoze is located 7 km to the southeast of the city, on the Mashhad-Moghan Road. Haft Hoze means seven pools and is a natural attraction with beautiful scenery covering an area of 570 hectares. The name of this park is due the natural pools that have been created over the centuries by rainfall collecting in the holes of the rocks. At first it was a small pool of water that emptied into another rock hole with this process continuing until seven pools were formed. There are lots of small and large pools in this area because of the nature of this region and structure of its rocks.

Today, by building paths and increasing its landscaping, it has become easy to stroll through the park and enjoy its scenery.


9- Astan-e Quds Razavi Museum

This museum was constructed in the outer courtyard of Imam Reza’s shrine in 1945. The museum dates back to forty years. After the establishment of the Islamic Republic regime, the museum has been developed and expanded. Some of the known museums located separately in different buildings near each other are as follows:

The Museum of Qur'an and Precious Objects

The specialized Museum of Carpets

The Museum of the History of Mashhad

The Museum of Coins and Medals

The Museum of Stamps and Banknotes

The Museum of pottery and glassware

The Museum of Armaments

The Museum of Astronomical Tools and Clocks

The Museum of Shellfishes and Mollusks

The Museum of fine arts




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